We provide professional editing services for documents in English language. Editing Services are designed to improve English language and scholarly aspects of writing. The Services are designed in the light of Ethical Editing Standards set by Association of Ethical Editors. We have experienced professional editors, experts in scholarly works, report writing, proposal writing and English language.

We provide editing services to:

  • Academic Research Papers
  • Academic Thesis and Dissertations
  • Academic Proposals, Books and Reports
  • Industrial Documents
  • Policy Documents and Reports of Govt.
  • Other Drafts in English Language

Basic Language Editing

Basic Editing deals with language and grammar aspect of writing generally by authors of second language. Editing is done in track review and author can approve or disapprove the corrections. The corrections are made by editors and suggestions are given for more appropriateness or in case of more than one option.

Following aspects are checked in basic editing

  • Grammar
  • Syntax
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Structural parallelism
  • Terms used
  • Spelling
  • Capitalization
  • Hyphenation
  • Abbreviations
  • Numbers and quantitative data
  • Abbreviations

Cost: US$ 0.03 cent per word

Standard Format Editing

The standard format editing deals with structure of the draft, contents, references and style presented in the document, The editing is done against some standards or guidelines given by authors or publishing agency.

Following aspects are checked in this editing

  • Writing style is followed
  • Typography
  • Heading hierarchy
  • Page layout
  • Figures, Tables and Captions
  • References
  • Checking accuracy of cross references: within text, between text and figures between list of contents and body of document
  • Ensuring all necessary preliminaries are included
  • Checking conformity and completeness of: textual references, bibliography, quotations
  • Checkingsources have been acknowledged
  • Checkingtable of contents
  • List of tables and figures

Cost US$ 0.02 cent per word

Premium Scholarly Editing

The premium scholarly editing deals with high level academic research work like papers and theses. By scholarly editing we help to identify gaps of scholarly level writing and Identifying poor, week and confusing sentence structures. Over quality is improved in terms of precise, concise, clear, and strong expression of scholarly level. We do not rewrite the draft or change the concepts. We identify gap, do editing in terms of scholarly language and give recommendation where repeated action is required. We do editing in track review so author and supervisor either can approve or disapprove the corrections made by editors.

Following aspects are checked in scholarly editing

  • Problems of sentence structure
  • Organization, coherence, and logical consistency of concepts
  • Repetition of concepts
  • Precise, concise and clarity of concepts
  • Unnecessary wording in the text
  • Scholarly way of expression
  • Appropriateness of objects, subjects, adverbs and propositions
  • Adequate length of sentences
  • Other merit and demerits of scholarly writings
  • Advising on critical writing, argument building and concept presentation

Cost: US$ 0.04 cent per word

ToRs for Ethical Editing

  • Editing is done with consent of supervisor for academic works
  • Editing is under the Ethical Editing Standards
  • Editing is contracted after sample work approved by writer and supervisor
  • Editing is done after approval of quotation

·        50% fee is requested in advance and 50% before final submission

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