Ahsenture Business Developer provides Report Writing services to their customers. Prior to writing any business document, establish the purpose of the report. Depending on the nature of the document, this may require consulting supervisors or peers regarding the specific format or content of the report. With a clear understanding of the purpose, determine the scope in order to keep a narrow focus while providing in-depth knowledge of the major ideas. In this planning phase, anticipating the audience helps tailor the information to the needs of the reader. The structural phase facilitates the organization of researched data. A basic tentative outline maintains the focus of the assignment and forms the basis for the entire document. Once information is gathered, it is critical to analyze the relevance of supporting facts and documentation. The condensation of the most appropriate data enables the revision of the outline before beginning the writing phase.

In the formation of the first draft, the key is to concentrate on the topic, instead of focusing on grammatical errors or precise word choice. The major components of the first draft should include an executive summary, a table of contents, the introduction and problem statement, the background, supporting data, and conclusions and recommendations. The illustrative phase of the report provides a visual presentation of data. Tables, charts, or graphs pertinent to the topic can assist in the understanding of the report. All information used including texts or graphics should be cited accordingly. The last phase is revision and proofreading. The report will improve each time it is edited. To ensure a polished final product, it is highly recommended to seek constructive criticism from an experienced writer.

Ahsenture Report Writing Technique

1.Determine the purpose
2.Determine the scope
3.Analyze target audience
4.Create a basic outline
5.Research information
6.Organize, analyze and interpret information
7.Revise outline and compose the first draft
8.Add appropriate graphics and illustrations for report
9.Cite sources used
10.Revise and proofread report

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